Welcome to PinyanMed, Inc.!

Software solutions for healthcare professionals designed to run on the most popular devices and platforms.

Using the latest Microsoft, Apple and Web design environments to offer cloud hosted programs and data to ensure availability, scalability and maintainability across all demand scenarios.

Development and Deployment technologies include C#, HTML5, CSS3, Azure Blob and table storage, SQL Azure, Silverlight, PhoneGap and WebMatrix.

User platforms include iPhone, iPad, WP7 phone, Android, Blackberry, tabletPC, laptop and desktop (PC and iMac.)


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Healthcare Solutions

Software for Neurology physicians, PAs and technologists.


Using latest Microsoft technology:  Azure cloud services, C#, SQL Azure, Silverlight 5, LightSwitch, WebMatrix and Orchard.

Target Devices

iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, smart phones, tabletPCs, laptop, desktops(PC and iMac)